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WIN Success Continues at Bon Air

‘What I Need’ Program Continues to Grow and Succeed

Last year, Bon Air Elementary introduced a new literacy program focused on targeted, short-term interventions for K-3 students in reading. The WIN initiative – which is an acronym for “What I Need” – proved to be extraordinarily successful in helping young readers reach benchmarks with skills-based instruction. WIN was also instrumental in providing enrichment opportunities for students already reading at proficient levels, enabling them to continue to advance their skills through an additional 30 minutes of literacy instruction customized to their needs.

Now in its second year, WIN is continuing to grow and make a profound impact on education at Bon Air. “This has been the best thing that I have been involved with in my educational career. I am so excited to be a part of this,” says building principal Amy Lenart. “Academically, things are outstanding. We are on a path that will be amazing.”

Principal Lenart credits WIN for allowing last year’s kindergarten class to consistently improve throughout the school year to the point where 98 percent of students were at proficiency by year’s end, according to DIBELS assessments. The class began the school year at about 70 percent proficient in reading. Impressive gains in literacy were achieved in other grades as well.

“I am a believer that every year counts,” says Ms. Lenart. “We have to see our students growing each year and reaching benchmarks so they will be ready for new skill-sets as they move forward.”

WIN allows teams of educators the opportunity to track progress more frequently than in the past, which in turn leads to more timely interventions at the appropriate level as determined by is Response to Instruction & Intervention (RtII) program. “The frequency of assessments is what makes this different and more effective. Now it happens about every 10 days,” says Ms. Lenart.

Principal Lenart says that the Bon Air Elementary staff as a whole has really bought into WIN, which has proven to be a huge factor in its success. “Everyone here is true professional,” says Ms. Lenart. They love what they do, and they want to do it well. That’s what our teachers are all about.” She says that teachers have been innovative in challenging the students with enrichment through peer-to-peer discussions and the use of more complex texts such as novels.

“We talk a lot about the student who needs to get to benchmark, but the other side of the coin is the ones who are already live there,” says Ms. Lenart. “How as a teacher can we give those students more? With WIN, enrichment opportunities are endless.”

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