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Bon Air Students Support Local Animal Shelter

Bon Air Students Get Involved in the Community.

Third-graders at Bon Air Elementary School brought a Social Studies lesson on community involvement to life recently when the students collected pet supplies and monetary donations for Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley in New Kensington.

“Our students are learning how people can make a difference in their local community by choosing to work as a volunteer,” says teacher Danielle Ward.

For the past several years, the teachers at Bon Air have gone beyond simply teaching the lesson from a textbook and decided to get their students involved in an actual community service project. They chose to help Animal Protectors by having the students create posters generate awareness and spur donations for the animals in need.

In class, the third-graders learned about the animal shelter and ways to help by visiting the Animals Protectors website. The students’ assignment was to use their poster to help the shelter by collecting donations from family and friends.

The first day after the students took their posters home, many returned to school with donations.
Students Joey Shybloski and Zach Adams made and posted flyers in their neighborhood. Neighbors left pet supplies on their porches, and the boys’ families picked up the donations.
“People donated dog food, cat food, bleach and laundry detergent,” says Joey, who is eager to get a dog of his own. “We collected around $50,” Zach adds.

Brendan Anderson understands the importance of helping an animal shelter; his family adopted their dog Apple from a shelter. Brendan asked friends and neighbors for donations, and brought in around $30. Student and cat owner Lindsay Roman was surprised at her neighbors’ generosity. “They just kept buying food and toys and bringing them to me,” she says. “It was fun to be helping the animals.”

The third grade classes have helped Animal Protectors in the past, but not to this magnitude.
“With the restructuring of the elementary schools, we now have seven classes rather than four,” Ms. Ward says. “The kids collected over $550 and enough pet food and supplies to fill two minivans.”

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