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BSD Takes Advantage of Pennsylvania’s Unique Student Assistance Program

With the help of Westmoreland Casemanagement and Supports, Inc. liaison Gina Miller, Burrell School District and its students are able to take advantage of the state’s unique, integrated Student Assistance Program (SAP). The program, designed to help educators identify issues dealing with alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and mental health issues, is a four-phase process aimed at helping students overcome barriers to school attendance and learning.

Although a professionally-trained team consisting of school personnel and a liaison from WCSI lies at the heart of the SAP efforts, parents are strongly encouraged to take an active role in the process. Whether these problems are within the responsibility of the school or ultimately outside of the scope of the school, the SAP team can offer assistance to parents to find appropriate community resources available for their teen and the family.

The SAP teams at Burrell are made up of principals, teachers, nurses, and counselors that work with Gina Miller, the SAP liaison, to help students with school and home success. Once a referral is made and parents sign a permission slip for involvement, Ms. Miller will work with any student and his or her own family in need of some extra help.

“The great thing about the WCSI Liaison services at Burrell is they can be scheduled right in the school building,” says Miller, “and we can link you to the services in your own community. If you are having a rough time with friends, school, behavioral health, drugs or alcohol, or just want to see what is in your community to help, reach out to the SAP team and the WCSI Liaison to get more information!”

Gina Miller can be reached by calling the Huston Middle School office at 724-334-1443 extension 3420, or by email at gmiller@wcsi.org.

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