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District’s Tuition Student Program Poised for Success

Since opening its doors to tuition students in 2012, the Burrell School District has seen a positive impact on the community, as well as families living in surrounding areas.

Although census data for the area hasn’t drastically changed in recent years, more and more growing families are struggling to find homes within the district that can comfortably accommodate them. Because of this, there has been an increasing interest in and need for a tuition student program that would allow students of these families to remain in the same school without placing a burden on parents to find housing within the district.

Conversely, some students who initially came to the district as part of the tuition program have now moved into the community, helping the area to maintain stability.

Tuition rates are set to compete with other non-public schools in the region, while not placing a burden on local taxpayers. Tuition students are required to maintain a C average and good attendance, as well as follow the same student guidelines and handbook as resident students. However, students in the tuition program are given equal academic and athletic opportunities as those enjoyed by resident students.

Although it states in the agreement that tuition families must provide their own transportation to and from school, the district will work with families to arrange for bussing options, provided these buses are not at capacity.

District superintendent Dr. Shannon Wagner is pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to students and families outside of the district. “We feel that we are an excellent option,” says Wagner, “because we are small and can offer a variety of athletics and activities as well as an excellent academic education that is just as competitive as any non-public school out there.”

Families who would like more information about the tuition program at Burrell are encouraged to email or call Mrs. Mandy Libengood mlibengood@burrell.k12.pa.us 724-334-1406 to inquire about how to set up their child for academic success in the Burrell School District.

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