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New Faces of Talented Educators Join BSD Faculty

There are some new faces around the Burrell School District this school year, with teachers joining the staffs at both the high school and Huston Middle School. Superintendent Dr. Shannon Wagner says the district uses the hiring process to identify teachers who raise curiosity, introduce new knowledge and encourage students to develop their own ideas.

“These candidates stood out from the rest,” Wagner says of the new hires. “I look forward to seeing the awesome work they will do with our children.”

Here’s a look at the six teachers who’ve joined the district for the 2016-17 school year.



Sara Huth

Position: Middle School Intensive Learning Support

Quotable: “I enjoy watching the students have those ‘a-ha’ moments when you see them understand and get what they’re learning. It is very rewarding when you see these moments.”


Krista Marino

Position: Middle School Learning Support Math

Quotable: “I believe that students should focus on the process of learning – not just find answers, but learning and enjoying the thinking process.”


Casey Bull

Position: High School Health And Physical Education

Quotable: “What I enjoy most about teaching is getting to know my students, learning their talents and watching them grow.”


Meaghan Volek

Position: High School Algebra II And Precalculus

Quotable: “I believe that every person, student or peer has a story to tell, and they are waiting for someone to listen. Every day, I try to listen.”


Drew Martin

Position: Middle School Science

Quotable: “I’m excited to be teaching science all day. I was split between math and science at my previous school.”


Travis Welch

Position: High School American Cultures

Quotable: “I’ve always tried to treat students as equals instead of the traditional iron-fisted approach to teaching. It’s our job as teachers to mold teenagers into thoughtful, insightful young adults, but how can we expect that when we as teachers tell them what to say and how to say it?”

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